What Are Gravitational Waves | Gravitational waves explained?

LIGO detect gravitational waves that form by two black holes that orbited each other and then merged to form a bigger black hole with having large energy. That black hole has a mass about 60 times greater than our Sun. Gravitational waves formed by black holes This event occurred around a billion of light years … Read more

Gravitational waves detected by LIGO?

LIGO recognized gravitational waves that structure by two dark gaps that circled one another and afterward converged to shape a greater dark gap with having huge vitality. That dark opening has a mass around multiple times more noteworthy than our Sun. This occasion happened around a billion light-years from Earth. Detection of Gravitational Waves by … Read more

Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important

Gravitational Waves Are So Important: Event when two black holes collided in space, 1.4 billion light years from Earth. The waves in space-time made by this crash were recognized by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO). Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important There was¬†big news in the world of astrophysics this year, an experiment … Read more

How gravitational waves are formed?

How gravitational waves are formed? Any object with heavy mass that accelerates ( means changes position at a variable rate of time, and includes spinning or orbiting objects) produces gravitational waves. This includes humans, cars, musical instruments, and airplanes, etc. but the gravitational waves made by these sources on Earth are much too small to … Read more

Gravitational Waves Discovery

Discovery of gravitational waves The disturbance in the space-time curvature due to the acceleration of the heavy bodies is called gravitational waves. The disturbance or energy, that releases from heavy accelerated bodies travel with the speed of light. In 1905 Jules Henri Poincare the French scientist was proposed gravitational waves. In 1916 ¬†Albert Einstein Subsequently … Read more