Microsoft Word Free Download for Windows

Microsoft Word Free Download for Windows 10, word processor software was launched by Microsoft Corporation in 1983. Software developers Richard Brady and Charles Simony joined Microsoft in 1981, and in 1983 released the multi-tool word for computers running the operating system (OS). Later that year, the program was renamed Microsoft Word to work on personal computers (PCs) such as IBM PCs under Microsoft’s DOS (Disk Operating System) or MS-DOS version. This product is in direct competition with WordPerfect and WordStar, both launched for PC in 1982.

Microsoft Word Free Download for Windows

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In order to download Microsoft word for pc compete effectively with WordPerfect, Microsoft Word requires a standard interface across multiple platforms. Microsoft released the Macintosh Word 1.0 in 1985 and adopted early Macintosh versions directly from Microsoft Word for DOS. To address this issue, Microsoft began developing the original code for Word for Macintosh software in the 1990s. The Windows and Macintosh versions were renamed Microsoft Office Word in 2003 to build around Word, Excel and PowerPoint around the Microsoft Office suite.

Working with documents professionally

Microsoft word free download for pc comes with powerful tools suitable for any writing job. By using word processor, you can turn your ideas into immense documents. It involves clever methods to see if you can put your best words forward. From spelling and grammar corrections to stylized writing instructions, this software has all the stops to help you write with confidence. This program is best for writing resumes and reports.

MS word free download for windows 10 allows users to work with other office suite software without leaving Windows. Users receive lessons and material from PowerPoint, quoted research materials and information from websites. They stay on track while researching online. Microsoft Word supports direct user collaboration. Through one click you can easily share documents, as well as invite others to edit or comment. Users can define their language preferences and access options to help others work with the document.

For added expediency, Microsoft Office 365 subscribers can edit and view any Word document on any device. With Office 365 membership, you get 1TB of cloud storage on OneDrive, which allows you to share and edit files. Microsoft word has an advanced security feature to prevent data breaches. It is also accessible in the Microsoft Word browser‌ and includes additional features and values ​​such as word-generated word templates and the Microsoft 365 Blog.

Writing documents is easy

Free Word download for windows 10 is the most suitable software for composing polished documents. It provides users with powerful tools to promote convenient and effective contributions. The app has additional collaborative features that allow it to invite users to edit and comment on contacts in real time. With this tool at your fingertips, jumpstarting your documents is not so easy.

Microsoft Word Free Download Specification

  • Developer(s) – Microsoft
  • Release – October 25, 1983;
  • Operating system – Windows 10, 1, 7SP1, 2019, 2016, 2012 R2, 2012, 2008 R2
  • Platform – IA-32, x64, ARM
  • Type – Word processor
  • License – Trialware
  • Website –


  • Intelligent writing technologies
  • Compatible with other Office Suite apps
  • Works with every platform
  • OneDrive cloud storage with 1TB space


  • Requires very spacious memory space
  • Difficult to moving images on the document

Microsoft Word Free Download for Windows

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