Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download

The Microsoft Office version of Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download for Microsoft Windows was released for production on 15th April, 2010. It was later retailed on 15th June, 2010. It is the ancestor of the successor Office 2007 and Office 2013. The Microsoft Office 2011 Mac OS X, similar to the Mac, was released on 26th October, 2010.

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download

MS Office 2010 Free Download user interface improvements integrate document management tasks into a single place, including behind-the-scenes viewing. Launched in Office 2007 for Access, Excel, outlook, PowerPoint and Word, Ribbon is now the primary user interface for all programs in Office 2010 and is now customizable. Collaborative editing features allow multiple users to share and edit documents; extended file format support; Integration with OneDrive and SharePoint; it has other new features. It launched a web-based version of Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint and Word online at Office Online. The new Office Starter 2010 version replaces Microsoft Works.

Microsoft Office 2010 For Windows PC

Office 2010 is the first version of Office exported in the X64 version. This is the first version that requires volume license generation activation. Office 2010 supports Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Vista SP1, Windows Server 2008 or later, but the X64 version is not compatible with Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Office 2013 is the latest version of Office compatible with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, but does not support these operating systems.

Reviews of Office 2010 have generally been very positive, appreciating the new behind-the-scenes view, new customization options for the ribbon, and ribbon integration in all programs. However, sales were initially lower than before. However, Office 2010 was a success for Microsoft, surpassing previous company records for adoption, expansion, and office revenue. As of 31st December, 2011, the Office had sold approximately 200 million licenses for 2010, before ending 31st January, 2013.

Mainstream support for Office 2010 ended on 13th October, 2015; extended support ends October 13, 2020. Office 2010 is the latest version of Office that can be activated without registering with a Microsoft account; Registration is required to activate Office 2013.

Microsoft Office 2010 New features

Utility path

In client programs and Internet implementation, Office 2010 design features from SharePoint and draws from Web 2.0 concepts. Office 2010 Role-based, employee-friendly features research and development professionals, sales people and human resources than previous versions of Microsoft Office.

Backstage view

Instead of the Office menu introduced in download office 2010 64 bit a new behind-the-scenes viewing interface has been created to access document managements and share tasks by linking them in one place. In theater, selects behind-the-scenes activities. Behind the screen are the left-hand navigation layer and the adjacent main layer; The navigation pane contains a series of simple commands set up vertically to open or save files, as well as document management tasks and tabs that reveal contextual information on the main pane when opened. The navigation pane also displays an arbitrary number of recently opened documents.

Tasks accessed by tabs in the main screen layer are divided into separate groups, which display contextual information related to application configurations, files, and tasks; each tab displays information related to a specific tab. For example, the Word Info tab in Word displays details of document metadata for the sharing group to inform users about personal information before sharing the file with other users, and the Help Tab Office 2010 version also displays product licensing status. In Microsoft office free download 2010 full version, this information was included in specific locations. From the Info tab, users can access reviews of currently open Excel, PowerPoint and Word files, and the latest unsaved version of a previously closed file. Inside the Print tab, the behind-the-scenes printer combines the previous Print and Print preview features by displaying the functions, settings and zooming user interface so that the user can preview the currently open document without opening the dialog box.

File formats

Office 2010 has updated support for the international standard version of the ISO or IEC 29500: 2008, Office Open XML file format.

The document is co-written

Co-authored on Office 2010 Excel Web App, One Note Web App, SharePoint 2010 sites and client versions of OneNote, PowerPoint and Word for documents shared on OneDrive and Microsoft 365. The author session starts automatically when one, two or more users open the same file. In the Excel web application, one-note and one-note web application edits to the shared document during the co-author’s session are made on a continuous basis, as live and shared documents are automatically saved with each edit.

In the OneNote and OneNote web applications, users can view the names of co-authors or create special editions of pages for personal use, as well as make edits to the shared notebook’s content. Edits made after the final opening of the notebook are automatically highlighted, along with the first letters of the co-author who performed the edit. At OneNote, co-authors can search for all edits made by a specific co-author. If shared notebooks use the old OneNote 2007 file format, OneNote 2007 users can participate in a co-writing session with OneNote 2010 users; However, compatibility with co-author search, page editing, and the OneNote web application is not available.

Microsoft Office 2010 Download & Installation

Office 2010 introduces streaming and virtualization technology, replacing the traditional Windows installer-based installation process for home, student, home and business versions. This is the mandatory installation process for the starter version. After installing the programs, the click-to-run products are installed in a virtualized environment that downloads the product features in the background so that users can start using the programs. The download process is optimized for broadband connections.

During the Office 2010 retail life cycle, Microsoft introduced a product key card licensing program with original device manufacturers and retail partners, allowing users to purchase a single license to activate the Home, Student, Home, Business and Professional versions. On personal computers at a lower cost compared to traditional retail media.


To verify the integrity of proprietary binary file formats introduced in previous editions, PUB files were included in Word 2010 for Office File Verification, Excel, PowerPoint, and Office 2010, previously published only by the publisher. Microsoft Office. When the user opens the document, the structure of its file format is scanned to ensure that it conforms to the features defined by the XML scheme.

Office file verification

If the file fails during the authentication process, by default, a new read-only, isolated sandbox opens in Environmental Protected View to protect users from malicious content. This design allows users to visually assess insecure documents that fail to authenticate. Microsoft claims to fail to verify documents as false positives. To improve Office file validation, Office 2010 collect information about failed files and creates copies of these files for optional submission to Microsoft via Windows Error Reporting. Users are asked every two weeks from the date of the evaluation attempt that failed to submit copies of files or other information for analysis.


Check access

Accessibility Checker Office 2010 provides Excel, PowerPoint and Word, which examines documents for issues affecting visually impaired readers. This can be accessed via the Check for Issues button in the group ready to share behind the scenes information tab, which opens the task pane with a list of access issues that appear in the document and suggests how to fix them. It also reports access issues in the behind-the-scenes sharing preparation group so that the file can be resolved before sharing it with other users. Through the group approach, administrators can adjust how important this information is displayed in the interface.

Text-to-speech improvements

A small translator allows users to translate selected text into OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. One of the text-to-speech voices installed on the machine is displayed in the audio pronunciation tooltip of the provided text, which allows users to translate sentences or phrases into the clipboard. The audio pronunciation is provided by the Speak command, which can be accessed separately from the mini translator, but only by a text-to-speech engine that matches the language of the selected text.

Some changes to keep in mind

In terms of looks, all Microsoft Office 2010 apps have been slightly modified. They still keep the “ribbon” interface very clear and concise – but the Office button has been renamed to “File” and now shows another layer. It not only provides direct access to all the work related to the document, but also detailed information about the document you are currently working on.

Smooth and attractive

Overall, Microsoft Office 2010 is a great productivity suite with great new features, easy to use, comfortable and convenient and makes it a more professional solution for everyday tasks.

Easy to use and very useful

Microsoft Office 2010 allows you to fully check out the latest and long-awaited version of the most popular productivity suite in the home & business world.


  • Enhanced design in the ‘ribbon’ interface
  • Support for videos in PowerPoint
  • Lots of improvements in Outlook
  • Translation and screen capturing tools
  • Faster and lighter on system resources
  • Lets you share documents online in SkyDrive


  • None so far

Microsoft Office 2010 Free Download for Windows

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