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Microsoft Word Free Download 2007 is Software for Writing Books, Notes, Papers and all kind of .txt (text) Document. Download Microsoft Word 2007 is a product of Microsoft Company own by the world richest men Bill Gates. It come in the pack of Microsoft Office which contain different office tools like Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc. These all tools are use in our daily life for making spread sheets, maintaining database, .txt Document like Latter, Notices etc.

Microsoft Word 2007 Free Download For Windows

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Microsoft Word is a Great invention of Microsoft which makes our life easier. Before this people make register for maintaining records write letters and put these records in stores so there is a lot of possibility of data loss but now we just simply open MS Word 2007 on our computer and start writing the document we can easily save the document for later use. Microsoft Word 2007 download is very lite Software it take less resources for run on our pc. MS Word 2007 Download is suitable for both Windows and Mac/IOs Operating Systems.

Features of MS Word 2007

Let see the features and components of a Microsoft Word 2007 Download in detail.

The Following image shows us the different Elements, Categories and Tools for writing a Document in MS Word 2007:

Features of MS Word 2007


A home category on menu bar has tools like font styles, font colors, font size, bullets, alignment, line spacing, etc. It contain all the basic tools which are need to edit document, Is available in the Home category.


Insert category contain tools like Tables, images, header, footer, shapes, charts, graphs, page number, etc. can all be entered in the document.

Page Layout

In Page Layout category have options like columns, lines, margins, indentation, orientation, spacing, etc.


The reference option is the most useful for those people who are writing lengthy documents like books or thesis. It has options like footnote, citation, table of contents, bibliography, caption, etc. can be found under this tab.


In review category there are many important tools like grammar, Spell check, Thesaurus, language, translation, word count, comments, Protect Document, Compare etc. These features are very helpful for those People which reviewed their documents on MS Word 2007.

Except all the above-mentioned features, In MS word the pages can be set in various layouts & views which can be edit and optimized using the View tab on the Word document. the scales and Margins options are also available for the users.

Microsoft Word 2007 Free Download Specifications

Release                                  :            January 31, 2007

Version                                    :            12.0.4518.1014

Operating Systems                :            Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP

Additional Requirements     :            None

Microsoft Word Free Download 2007 Windows

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