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VidMate video download acts as a media player and converter. This eliminates the need for multiple programs; VidMate can handle all of this. Watch a video online and download it, VidMate takes action and makes it possible. This program gives your computer the power to download movies, music and videos.

VidMate app Download

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With the VidMate apk download install old version, you can access online media from over a thousand websites. You can easily find and download videos directly in the app. You can search the internet, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud to download media downloads. The download process is straightforward and works on video streaming sites such as Vivo and social media sites such as Instagram.

More than one format

These media downloads are not only the quality you can choose from in downloads; you can also change your videos after they have been downloaded. As a user, you can convert to MP3 or MP4, which means you do not need another application to complete the process. Downloads and conversions are fast, so you get the videos you need in a timely manner. Wherever you are, vidmate apk download install can work on multiple downloads at once. You have control so the download can be paused or canceled while in progress. You can find your content through the Vidmate interface or by clicking on the link. This app is flexible and convenient as it serves as a tool for downloading and modifying apps. It works well as the default audio player when you can play your videos and audio via Vidmate. The user-friendly heart interface helps to transform an app that meets many needs and is fun to use at the same time.

Installing VidMate Download

You can use Vidmate apk download install on your PC. Watching unlimited movies and TV shows from the more than 200 channels you find through this app is always more enjoyable on the big screen. Your computer provides more storage, which means more downloads. Since the app is set to use on Android devices, it works best when using an emulator like the Knox APP Player.

Download is available as the Vidmate APK, which is local, and all downloads in the application are local. After you install it, you can download your first videos with a few taps or clicks.

For your convenience you can download Vidmate for Android anywhere. It uses a lot of your data, but if you try to steal video while away from your computer, the mobile app is for you. It is possible to transfer your download to your desktop so you can free up space on your phone

Your alternatives

While this is definitely a popular option for most users who want to download instead of streaming‌, it is not the only option. Here are some Vidmate alternatives you might want to consider. Another option is to download YTD video. Although its range is limited, it only works if you want to get videos only from YouTube. Stay on your toes; installing it may cause unwanted programs on your computer if you do not pay attention during installation.


  • Access over 200 channels
  • Find content on more than 1000 websites
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Convert to MP3 and MP4
  • Maintain the quality of the video


  • Large file size
  • No video editing option

Vidmate Download

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