Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important

Gravitational Waves Are So Important:

Event when two black holes collided in space, 1.4 billion light years from Earth. The waves in space-time made by this crash were recognized by the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO).

Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important

There was big news in the world of astrophysics this year, an experiment detected ripples in space-time curvature, known as gravitational waves that created when two black holes colliding in space, away 1.4 billion light-years from Earth.

 Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important
Why Gravitational Waves Are So Important

This sound was certainly complicated. But few questions raises here like, what is the big deal, exactly? What does these ways tell about the universe? And why scientists are so excited about this new discovery?  Let’s break it down.

What’s so cool about gravitational waves?

First we discuss about back up a bit and talk about Albert Einstein. He was a great scientist that figured out a lot of really accurate precision about the universe, according to his precision, space is not a fixed, rigid backdrop that’s like a stage on which cosmic events play out there role.

What's so cool about gravitational waves?

Infact, Einstein showed that space is a flexible (thread like) and influenced by the objects and events within it. Each object that has a heavy mass creates curves in space-time curvature, moving a massive object can create ripples in it. Like canoe moving across a lake, producing ripples across the surface of the water; or a mallet striking a drum that’s creating vibrations on the surface.

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, that known as LIGO, was the first experiment that directly detect these ripples in space-time, so it was the first direct physical evidence that they actually exist.

Its first detection came in end of September 2015; 100 years after the prediction of Einstein about their existence. Before 40 years people started working on the early incantations of the technology that LIGO uses to detect gravitational waves.

So these ripples produces in space-time confirm Einstein’s theory. Gravitational waves are an extreme demonstration of general relativity; in the past, those examples existed only on paper, not in the theoretical world. But these data can always help scientists to learn more about the universe, and if Einstein’s theory needs to be adjusted (to make it compatible with quantum mechanics)

Black hole hunters.

The LIGO discoveries have launched a new era in world of astronomy, according to researchers from Northwestern University, where scientists are studying the gravitational waves and try to understand the black holes that created them in space-time curvatures. Other sources with LIGO have also talked about a new era of astrophysics, that LIGO is opening “a new window” to the universe for the world.

That’s a big claim. So how is LIGO driving this revolution?

LIGO is now allowing us to hear universe. No one has ever heard the universe in this way ever before. This gives not only a new view of the world around you, but the ability to detect an entirely different kind of information.

The observatory or telescope that is studying the universe collects light or, in some cases, other particles. Light comes in many frequency, such as X-rays, gamma-rays, visible light and radio waves. Different objects radiate different wavelength frequency of light.

For example, our body produces enough heat to radiate infrared light, but it would take something as hot as an electrical object to radiate optical light. Looking at the universe we have different wavelengths of light that emitting from different objects and processes, and sometimes, it comes from  thing that are hidden for other reasons.



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